To the newly launched this steel series - a diamond encrusted 36 mm women log type as an example, oyster is the Replica Watches in the model of the witness in every detail. It adopts the most precious metal, has the performance of extraordinary, waterproof, - precision automatic chain technology, and through the Swiss chronometer Testing Center (COSC, Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute) recognized, each production process are full of heart.

36 mm log type watchcase elegant, comfortable wearing. Water resistant up to 100 meters (330 feet), with a diamond ring for the first time. Log type movement completely designed by Rolex Replica, production, more through the Swiss chronometer Testing Center approval, can store 48 hours power. Surface not only exquisite and elegant, but also has more new design. Can choose with a watchband type chain extension oyster, oyster buckle, memorial type strap or belt buckle of the crown, to ensure the beautiful appearance, comfortable wearing.

The new series, to undertake the Fake Rolex watchmaking tradition, the launch of the design with the charm of women watch, can accompany the ladies at different occasions, enjoy a variety of life styles, also represents the aesthetic female self affirmation and height requirements.

Oyster perpetual series has been born more than 60 years, is a popular global people from all walks of life love and very easy to identify the classic masterpiece. It can stand the test of Swiss Replica Watches time, the trend and have the eternal charm. In the eyes of the people, it has become a work of art.

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